We have been on the market for about 12 years; we are a dynamic team with experience in the field of textile garments.
The light industry market requires good quality and orders to be delivered on time and our firm PRO FASHION succeeded in a short time to fulfill the requirements of our international clients.

We are flexible with orders of 500 PCs – 1000 PCs in 10 up to 15 days.
We have about 120 employees: a work unit (30 workers) at the headquarters of the firm in Piatra-Neamt and 3 work units (90 workers) in our working point in Tirgu Neamt.

Our international clients are mainly Tonickx in Belgium, Jacqueline Riu and Lewinger in France.
In collaboration with other companies in the region we produce around 35,000-45,000 products/month.

The range of articles mainly comprises:

  • silk and cotton women blouses
  • silk and cotton women dresses
  • knitted blouses
  • knitted dresses
  • skirts
  • trousers
  • coats
  • jackets

Any new article is a new challenge that we happily accept.